Deaf Service Center

There can be many reasons for delay in speech and language development of a child – conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Hearing Loss, Developmental Delays.

Though disability is not a curse in itself, still it is true that it affects the working capacity of an individual to a great extent. As compared to the normal person, it is comparatively difficult to educate and train a handicapped person. So, first of all, the organization with the help of specialized doctors tries to find out all the possibilities of preventing and minimizing the disabilities of a handicapped child admitted to the school. To increase the hearing power of deaf, besides distribution of hearing aids, making of ear-moulds, repairs of hearing aids, auditory training, speech-therapy, audio tests facilities were continued in full swing this year too. Adult deaf persons with hearing impairment are also given speech-therapy on a daily basis. Through the facilities provided by this organization, till now, 277 deaf people have gained sure benefits on the path of improvement. This programme was started in April 1995.