Mental and Physical Disability

Medical Assistance

For the treatment of loco-motor disability, an Orthopedic center is working since 1994. Till now more than 355 patients suffering from Polio, Arthritis, Paralysis, Spondilytis and other diseases have been treated through physiotherapy in the centre and 291 of them have gained sure benefits. 35 patients were treated successfully from April 2012 to March 2013.

Services of specialized Orthopaedicians, Physiotherapists, Audiologists, E.N.T. specialists and Ophthalmologist were also available to Shubham during the past session.

In many cases, to some extent with visual, hearing, locomotor and other disabilities, mental retardation and behavioral problems also exist in the individuals.

Prevention of such mental problems is essential for the proper development of a person. Realizing this, the organization has appointed a Psychologist. Visits of medical practitioners like E.N.T. specialist, child specialist and Ophthalmologist are arranged to provide free medical aids to the persons with disabilities and other needy people regularly. Many poor are getting benefit from this service.

Free Aid & Rehabilitation

Common people have not been able to accept the abilities and competence of a disabled person yet. As a result, most of the persons with disabilities are forced to face disregard of their society as well as of the parents. Obstacles such as negligence, poverty, ignorance etc. obstruct the proper bringing up of a disabled child.

Shubham provides Free medicine, Counseling & assistance for economic rehabilitation to mentally ill patients. The NGO makes people aware about the problems of mentally ill & advocates the rights of above so that they could be benefited & rehabilitated in the society.