SHUBHAM is a welfare organisation, which serves persons
with all types of disabilities

Our Mission

To Provide an enabling atmosphere for the over all development and self-sufficiency of persons with disabilities

Our Vision

All persons with disabilities have the potential to become independent and self-sufficient and must be given the right opportunity to achieve their goals and play a useful role in the community.

The logo of the organisation ‘aatmanirbharatvam shubham’ better highlights its vision that the mystery of welfare is vested in self-sufficiency.

Our Services


People benefitted

Bihar & Neighbouring States

Area of Work


Years of experience

1,50,000+ People

goal to serve by 2023

What People Are Saying!!!

"The organization’s sincere gratitude is due to all those welfare agencies as well as a number of its individual well wishers for the invaluable assistance rendered by them in cash, kind, time, advice and providing technical and other supports for running the programs at SHUBHAM. But for their timely and heartwarming support SHUBHAM could not have been able to perform such onerous responsibilities and implement such programs."
Dr. Sangeeta Agarwal
General Secretary

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