Education Of Visually Challenged

Provide education for visually impaired children with free hostel and other facilities. “SHUBHAM” has also been providing conveyance facility to its school children since 1994.

“SHUBHAM” provides education to deaf, blind, mentally retarded, multi disabled and locomotor disable separately. The society runs a special school for visually impaired children with free hostel and other facilities. 51 students are registered and out of them 35 are admitted to the school. “SHUBHAM” Badhir vidyalaya provides education to deaf children. Auditory training, lip-reading, concentration stimulation programme, whole language approach, self instruction learning, main streaming, independent living skills and experience based learning are some of the innovative exercises that are adopted for the education of deaf. 46 hearing impaired students are registered to the school, out of which 30 are admitted.

As far as locomotor disable children are concerned at SHUBHAM, besides Physio and occupational therapies, they are also being imparted education up to class 8th. Since inception, 55 orthopaedically handicapped students have been enrolled to “SHUBHAM” Viklang Vidyalaya, out of which 19 students after being imparted sure benefits through our interventional therapy treatment and basic education have been either integrated in normal schools or economically rehabilitated.

Observing increasing of request from the parents of children with mental disability and cerebral palsy, the executive committee of “SHUBHAM” decided to start a centre for mentally retarded with the help of trained teachers on experimental basis. Three staff members of “SHUBHAM” were sent for Bridge courses for M.R. & C.P. Initially eight children have being enrolled to the centre.

All these students are imparted formal education up to class 8 according to C.B.S.E. Board syllabus with the help of specially trained teachers. Each and every student cared with full attention and the N.G.O. maintains separate records of their individual problems, needs and progress.

“SHUBHAM” has also been providing conveyance facility to its school children since 1994.

If given proper guidance and opportunity, a handicap person can be a useful component of the society and lead a better life like a normal person In order to develop skills in them, the society, besides education, provides them with various vocational and technical trainings like music, painting, Computers, needle work and knitting etc. according to their interests. These facilities are playing an important role in overall development of the disable and they are getting full opportunity to improve their personality in a healthy and friendly environment of sympathy and mutual Co-operation, where inferiority complex and disabilities are not able to influence their personality.

In this way, Organisation’s education programme is doing very useful work in generating awareness among general people on one hand and trying to make disabled children self-sufficient and an important part of the society on the other.

In the year, under consideration, our children took part in several Inter school and Inter state competitions such as Inter school debate, essay writing & quiz competition organized by PUS & Mahila Manch, Pratibha Protsahan Inter school competitions of painting, devate, music, essay-writing and G.K. etc. In these competitions, they took part with their normal counter part and won many attractive prizes. School children are frequently invited to perform cultural programme like group dances, mono acting and stage plays etc. by different clubs and social organizations.

Till now, over 7000 deaf people have benefited from this programme.