Rehabilitation Programme

Rehabilitation Programme & Community Service

Rehabilitation And Out-reach Program – Having realized the fact that the N.G.O. has obtained efficiency in dealing with educational and medical rehabilitation of persons with three types of sensory and physical disabilities, in the year 1996, on the occasion of Independence day, Shubham started an income generating ‘Rehabilitation Center’. In this center persons with disabilities make incense- sticks on daily wages. Marketing of the product is the responsibility of the N.G.O.

Diagnostic, Distribution and Awareness Camps for the disabled:- Nearly 700 million people in India live in rural areas and 40 million of those people are disabled and most of them have no hope for education, training and employment. The situation is even worse in eastern part of the country where more than 70% of the total population lives below poverty line. Physically challenged people in this part of the country are not integrated in the community even in big cities as they are in the other parts of the country. Due to this segregation, community people are unable to realize the real needs and problems of physically challenged persons and generally find themselves unable to help them.

Realizing this fact Shubham initiated its work for awareness generation through its reach out program (communication with the local people; lectures and demonstrations in schools, temples and other public places; distribution of pamphlets; organizing diagnostic camps for identification of disabilities; distribution of special aid and appliances like hearing aids, tricycles, wheel-chairs and calipers, folding sticks, tape-recorders, Braille-writing and Mathematical devices etc; Reaching to the door-steps of disabled in rural areas and striving for the community based re habilitation of all types of physically challenged persons.